Questions Answered By Male Escorts

As you know, the world of escorting is filled with people who are very interested in having intimate relations with multiple people on a weekly basis. In this article, I have managed to get some questions answered by a male escort, and he was really vocal about his experiences. Escorts are people who go about their business by selling their time in exchange for money, and that is something that so many people actually like. Male escorts have certainly become insanely popular nowadays because more and more people are accepting that escorting is a profession and should be considered one because it involves real people with real jobs. Below is the list of questions that were answered by a male escort who is very experienced in the field, and you could say that he is really successful as well.

  1. How did you become an escort?

I was actually pursuing law, and I realized that working a part-time job was stressful, and I made very little money. I was once told by one of my friends that you could post an ad for people who would pay you to spend time with you, so that’s what I did. I got a client and all I had to do what spend some time, a dinner with this middle-aged guy. He was actually fun to hang out with, so I did, and by the end of it, I had made $100. I was really happy with it, and I guess that’s how it started.

  1. When was the first time you had sex as an escort?

Well, that would be towards to end of my third year in law school. I was just minding my own business, and one of my older clients actually came up to me while I was studying in a park and said that he would pay me $1000 for a whole night. I asked to meet me later at a restaurant, and he did. He said that he was really attracted to me and he really wanted to have sex. Since it was a $1000 and I knew the guy I agreed. It was actually a very enjoyable experience. I had fun.

  1. Why did you abandon law?

Well, I saw that I could make way more money as an escort and also I could work how many hours as I want. If you think about it, it was a win-win scenario for me. If escorting did not work out, I will always have my law degree to fall back on since I passed the bar.

  1. Is it fun? Or does it get boring?

It is so much fun; I really love it. I get to hang with new people and have sex with them, it a great deal to make a lot of money.